You're riding along and realize there are no leaves on the trail.Confused at first. You look around and see leaves everywhere except on the trail. Someone must have cleaned them up. Because I have seen this before on Cape Cod on the Yarmouth trails that was my conclusion yesterday and last week. These clean ups really makes the riding great.

I was in October Mt 2 weeks ago and the first steep singletrack at New Lenox road was all cleaned which made it ridable up and down. Then I found the trails closer to Kirvin(?) Park in Pittsfield and many of these were also cleaned. After riding around in circles on these groomed trails, not my intention, I even had the privilege of meeting two of the groomers. Thanks!

Then I got a surprise yesterday when I was in Pittsfield State Forest. Because of the fall leaves I decided not get too adventurous and stay on trails I know. I always start at Balance Rock. But to my surprise many of the trails here were also groomed. You have no idea how much this helps a guest rider stay on the trail. I was coming down from atop of Jiminy Peak, they're skiing up there, and lost the trail and I was walking down and through... and flound Silver St in Lanesboro.If ound my trails and they were groomed!!

Thanks again. What dedicated riders.