• 07-10-2015
    Thunder Mountain...Buy a pass, get free tickets at Killington and Windham
    Hi MA riders!

    I hope you don't mind us posting this here:

    Gravity Logic has been incredibly busy in the east this spring and is excited to announce an incredible opportunity for Northeast riders to sample three of our most recent projects with awesome savings.
    We’ve been working closely with each of the three resorts on the first phase of a multi-year plan of development and expansion. Show your support by riding these parks!
    The idea is simple: Buy a seasons pass at Thunder Mountain Bike Park (MA), Windham Bike Park (NY) or Killington Bike Park (VT) and receive two free tickets for your own use from each of the other 2 resorts.
    Feel free to delete this if it is too much of a sales pitch but we figured nobody would complain about more parks and free tickets!
  • 07-13-2015
    I certainly don't mind. That's good to know. I need to hit up Thunder Mountain as it is!
  • 07-15-2015
    Ditto - I want to check out Thunder Mountain, and it's a great perk to check out some other places.
  • 07-15-2015
    That's a great deal! T-Mountain is pretty excellent, I'm very interested to see what the gravity crew has done at windham and Killington as well.