• 09-16-2009
    Harold posted this up on the old thread-but I'm starting a new one as well:

    What: Led Group Rides on The Greenfield/ Deerfield Ridges. This ride is open to all riders. We'll have multiple Groups (with multiple leaders) based on pace and desired distance. We'll Tour the varied terrain on the Greefield Ridge, cross the river and ride some great stuff on the Deerfield Ridge as well. This will be mostly single track, with some double track and pavement mixed in. If we're game we might push all the way to Sugarloaf North...I hear there are some great new trails there. There's climbing, descending, rocks, flow trails, climbing, stunning views. If you haven't really explored these trails before you'll be surprised at how much riding is tucked along this ride-and stringing the two areas together is a blast.

    This is not a race, focus is on fun and socializing as well as riding some great local trails and showing folks yet another area NEMBA maintains here in the PV

    Where: We'll Meet in the Bicycles Unlimited Parking lot on High St in Greenfield MA

    When: Ride Starts at 1:00pm on Sunday Afternoon.

    What Else:
    For Those who are so inclined, we'll be heading over to the People's Pint on Federal St. in Greenfield for good food, excellent local brews and what not.

    There's no charge or requested donation for this ride-basically, we hope folks appreciate what we do and on their own join/ renew membership for NEMBA

    Any Questions?? Drop Me a Line (PM me!):

  • 09-16-2009
    This sounds great! How long and far are the rides going to be?
  • 09-17-2009

    How far do you want to go? The ridge is about 10 miles in length from Stop and Shop in Greenfield to Sugarloaf, trails wobble around a bit so we could certainly stretch the longest ride to close to 30, however, I'll probably limit my group to upper teens, low 20s. Liam may stretch his close to the max if folks are willing. I think Steffi is planning on an even shorter stint. We'll certainly be out of the woods by dark. Plenty of options on some great trails.

  • 09-18-2009
    Gonna be a super day Sunday for this event. Come on out and join the fun! Sunny in the 70s. What more could you ask?
  • 09-20-2009
    Blue Skies, Temps in the 70s, no rain for a few days
    What more can you ask. Come on out this afternoon and join the fun.

    See you all on the trails,