Southcoast Riding?

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  • 08-11-2008
    Prophet Julio
    Southcoast Riding?
    So no one got back about any riding down there, guess it's so bad that it's not worth writing about. Well if there is any, let me know cause my wife's family has a place there and I go there for that reason and not riding while there is making me crazy.

    You try a Prophet on the road for 1 hour (just for the exercise).

  • 10-01-2008
    South Coast mountain biking
    There is lots of places to ride on the Cape, Otis, Exit 7, and Trail of Tears are all great places to ride. I used to ride Lynn Woods and the Fells way when I lived in Boston and the Cape is almost as good.
  • 10-02-2008
    Also check out Pine Hills in plymouth..