"We’ll be trying to get some more clipping and widening done on the Moose Trax trail this Saturday, as well as starting to work on clearing all the trails of loose sticks etc, and maybe working on permanent go arounds for some wet/nasty trail sections (if we have enough turnout). There is also a bridge/boardwalk project the Ranger wants us to work on for the Wickett Pond Trail.

Meet at the Wickett Pond parking lot no earlier than 7:30AM for the bridge detail (I’ll begin then, join when you can), or the Ruggles Pond lot at 9:00 to work on trimming/clipping/ cleaning.

I’ll bring hammers, level, rakes, blowers, McClouds, Pulaskis, Mattocks’ and some hand saws. Bring whatever else you think we might need, in addition to bug spray, water, snacks and gloves you might need to be comfortable.

If we don’t work too hard, we’ll ride for a couple hours beginning around noon.


Contact Harold or me at [email protected] for more information.