Russel Mill Town Forest

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  • 05-02-2010
    Russel Mill Town Forest
    So, i just started mtn biking today and tired Russell Mill as it is right down the street from my house. I was very impressed with the setup there, some things that i was not going try just yet and I didn't get to hit all of the trails but what i did go on I really liked and the pump track was great!

    I have been looking around on here and didn't see any posts on this place, not sure what to expect from other places but really liked it here, so I think i will stick with it for the first few rides and then expand. it sounds like everyone really likes Harold Parker so that or Great brook will be next.

    Any recommendations for tires for these places? mine did OK but on a few climbs they spun out. My brothers were all over the place, he was having a hard time keeping up. We have another set for him that have good reviews on this site, Panaracer Fire XC Pro. I have Bontrager Jones as does he (different tread patters though).
  • 05-03-2010
    Ash 79
    I would rate Russel Mill to be more slightly more advanced (technical) than Great Brook.
    But Great Brook is good to ride since you can't really get lost there (maps are available and its pretty well marked).

    At Russel Mill, make sure to hit the Orange trail if you haven't, its like 1.1 miles of twisty technical single track, a lot of fun.

    As for tires, I like Kenda Nevegals for riding everything, but everyone has their own opinions on whats good or bad.
  • 05-03-2010
    Thanks Ash.

    I figure with the different types of trails at Great Brook my wife would be able to join in on the fun (she does not want to do anything too technical).

    We didn't hit the orange trail this time but I will make sure I do it next time we get to head out there.. have a hockey tourney this weekend so I won't be able to ride then, but am going to try for next week.

    I am going to check out those tires.