Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone had any interest in doing a road trip to Rays MTB in cleveland OH. Its a 10 hour drive, I have gone there 2 previous years and had a blast. The place has everything. The Weekend is February 25th-27th.

Link if you have lived under a rock....https://www.raysmtb.com/cle/

The plan:

I work the night shift, so that is the reason for the slightly abnormal timing of the trip. Here's the schedule, I can't really deviate from this unfortunately, so this is basically an "In or out" type of choice.

Friday February 25th: Leave Boston 5pm (I will be waking up after working the night before, and be ready to drive all night)

Arrive Cleveland, OH 3am- Sleep at hotel/motel until noon

Saturday, February 26th- Arrive at rays after waking up and eating, Ride all day or until too tired. Return to hotel and sleep around 8-10pm.

Sunday February 27th.- Wake around 9am, Ride from about 10am-2p, (You will be sore from 1st day of riding) and Hit the road to go back home.

12:00midnight ETA Monday morning/Sunday night arrive home. Seems like this can be done without missing a day of work.


I have a vehicle that can hold 4 people, and luggage. I'm willing to take up to 3 other people, but if we have this many, most of us will have to rent bikes, because they won't fit in the car, unless someone wants to volunteer use of a larger vehicle. I am used to driving long hours and am a night owl, so I have no problem doing all or the majority of the driving.

Costs: Split gas however many ways

2 Nights Hotel/motel (again split)

2 Day rays pass $40/person

2 day rentals (if applicable) $10/day - Rays has SWEET rental bikes for $10 day, They are $2,000 Trek tickets

If two of us go, I am estimating $100 each gas, $100 each hotel, $40 for rays, $100 meals,
So approx cost if 2 go is around $350. The more people that go, this is slightly cheaper.

If this trip does not happen on the mentioned dates, I may try it again mid to late march.