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    riding in springfield area?

    Hi folks,

    Parents live out near springfield, and I'm coming home for the weekend for a visit. Thought I'd bring my bike along too.

    Looking on the NEMBA site I'm seeing that Robinson State Park is close and seems fun, but there doesn't seem to be many rides within 30-40 minutes of the springfield area.

    Any locals able to offer any insight??? (Give me your secret spots....)

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    Robinson is fast, smooth & flowy with very little elevation change. In that regard it is unique to most of the riding in the Pioneer Valley. You can spend a few hours exploring there.

    Batchelor St. & Earls are close to Springfield in Granby & Amherst, respectively & offer a few dozen miles of varied terrain from rocky, technical singletrack with a bit of climbing (Batchelor St.) to smoothish, less technical trails with more sustained ups & downs at Earl's. Between both areas, you can spend a full day pedaling in the "Notch" area.

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    Give me your secret spots???

    Biking spots aren't QUITE as jealously guarded as powder stashes, but I doubt people are going to cough up that easy on a public internet forum.

    However, here's a good place to start:
    Strava Global Heatmap

    Unfortunately, the southern pioneer valley is severely lacking in well established, legal riding spots. Robinson is probably your best bet, though Earls and Batchelor are way better, IMO.

    There are a few other places in some towns near SPFLD, but they're either in that gray area between legal and not, or worse than the previously mentioned spots, or both. The only one I'll mention here is Cedar Swamp in Wilbraham - lots of doubletrack with some mediocre singletrack. Falls into that second category. If you're really up for a bushwhack though, the strava heatmap will help a lot.
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    Yeah 30 to 40 minutes fromspringfield is a huge area.. Vt is only 40 minutes from Springfield. B street and earls are world class riding destinations only 25 minutes from Springfield. There's some great riding In Florence (northampton) also only 25 minutes from Springfield. DAR sf I'm goshen is right at the 40 minute mark, but offers easy to navigate (on the dcr map) but awesome single track.

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    I will most likely run a small group ride Sat am 8:30 (which I usually do) if you'd like to join your welcome. We ride bstreet and meet in the parking lot.
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