Rayburn TT

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  • 05-10-2006
    Rayburn TT
    Does anyone know anything about the Rayburn TT in Millbury? I heard it was happening soon, but have no details. Dates? Time? Starting area? Cost? NORBA?
    thanks in advance
  • 05-11-2006
    TT's are hosted by Team Bums, a local bike club. They run a spring and fall series. Normally they race 3 weeks at Rayburn then move on to other similar trails throughout the area. Not sure where they are racing currently, but I can shoot you an e-mail when they are racing Rayburn. For the past few years I have hopped in on some of the TT's and they are always very cool about timing non-members. They rake and maintain alot of the local trails and are a very nice bunch of guys/gals. I actually joined this year!