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  • 07-02-2007
    Rayburn Slideshow
    I only took two photos but I did get helmet camera footage so I was able to grab a bunch of pics from that. The overcast sky meant that it was kinda dark in the woods so they could be better. I stopped filming after the mechanical that set us back and ultimately separated us from the rest of the group. Next time I will have footage of the whole ride and not just half.

    Below is the link to the slideshow. You can click the icon in the middle of the screen to view it full screen. However, I recommend not using the full screen. It streaches the images so it actually looks a little worse. There is music so adjust your volume accordingly. If the music doesn't start right away you will have to restart the show (sometimes the show starts before the music is done downloading).

    Slideshow Link

  • 07-03-2007
    Kevin, Thanks for posting the shots! I can't make the July Wed night rides but hopefully can hook up again in August. Nice riding with you and Andrew at Wendell this past weekend.
  • 07-03-2007
    thanks that was hot