• 05-26-2010
    PVNEMBA Greenfield/Deerfield Ridges Sat. 9 am
    PVNEMBA will be doing a ride on the Greenfield & Deerfield Ridges Saturday May 29. We will bee meeting at Bicycles Unlimited on High St. in Greenfield at 9:00 am.

    There will be two groups going out. Steffi Krug is going to lead a mellower paced, shorter ride and Liam Obrien will be taking those interested on a longer, faster paced ride.

    You do not have to be a NEMBA member to come on these rides but all NEMBA members who sign in will be entered in a drawing to win a titanium Moots Mooto X 29er frame. http://www.moots.com/#/product/bicyc...b/mooto-x_ybb/ If you're not a NEMBA member, information will be available as to how you can become one.

    See you Saturday.

  • 05-27-2010
    At present, due to yet another F-ing microburst storm, Greenfield is under a state of emergency this morning with dozens of streets closed and trees down. We are still cleaning up the deadfall from the last 'act of God'--I'll try to get out today or tomorrow for some recon on these trails.

  • 05-27-2010
    I just did 5 hours worth of chain-saw recon in Deerfield. Covered about 2 miles of trail. I don't expect to get to enough to make a weekend ride worth the effort.

    I also barely made a dent in the twig litter. If you guys decide to ride bring LOTS of spare hangers and a derailleur or 2.