• 08-29-2010
    PVNEMBA epic #2 - The B'early epic. September 19
    I'll clarifying this point right off the bat: it's pronounced "Burly", not "bee- early". And if Santa rode a mountain bike, "Ho, ho, ho-ly *****" is how he'd announce this event.

    Here's the scoop: We'll be meeting at the Batchelor street parking lot at 8 am on Sunday, September 19. You catch that? Lemme say it louder: 8 AM, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, BATCHELOR STREET PARKING LOT. We'll be finishing there, too, but who knows when that will be. Don't expect to be finished before 3 or 4 pm. There will be mid-ride replenishment stashed somewhere near the Notch Visitors center. But, as with all PVNEMBA epic rides, come prepared. And if you don't know what that means, these rides ain't for you.

    The ride will start at B street at 8 AM, hit almost every trail there, break at the Notch for red wine and cigarettes, continue on to Earl's, and conclude by returning to the B street parking lot. I'm not releasing any details about the loop, except to say that we'll be finishing the ride on Rollercoaster and you'll have to climb Serpent God.

    I'm honored that both Rossi and Liam think this will be the most difficult epic. This one is deceiving - at no point will you be further than 3 miles from your car. Ain't that crazy?! This seems so innocuous. Even in my head, this ride seems like it should be easier than it is. But it's not. It's going to be brutal. I've a handful of pre-determined rest stops, but the reality is that there are 40+ miles of trail to be covered before the sun sets or riders keel over dead. We're not going to be waiting at the end of every trail.

    As a final note, we have no idea how popular this ride is going to be. But the B street parking lot is kind of small, and we want to save room for other riders. If it's not too much trouble for you and a friend to carpool to this epic, other riders will greatly appreciate it.

    Questions? Ask 'em.
    See ya on the 19th!

  • 08-30-2010
    Sounds great. What kind of wine?
  • 08-30-2010
  • 08-30-2010
    best box o' wine there is!