• 08-16-2010
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    Physical Therapy On The North Shore
    can anyone recommend a good physical therapist on the north shore? i tried orthopeadics plus in beverly and was disappointed. the pt pawned me off on a new tech which was bunk. thanks
  • 08-16-2010
    I've had friends who've gone to and liked Bay State located at the Sterling Center YMCA in Beverly. I believe Brett is the head PT there. Gordon College also has a phys therapy program which is supposed to be good. There's also a guy named Mark(?) up at the Manchester Athletic Club, who was recommended by a friend who is an OT. However, I think it makes sense to ask any PT place you go (I had to go for a ruptured disk in my neck a few years ago.) how much experience they have in treating someone who's had your specific surgery or injury.

    Good luck.
  • 08-19-2010
    I have had good success w/ these guys: