• 05-31-2010
    People of Boston met in Moab

    I'm a french rider, my name is Bruno.
    I returned yesterday from Moab, where I spent five days last week. I made Slickrock trail 05/25 and Porcupine + late Kokopelli trail 05/27. In both trails I met several people I would like to receive news, and thanks for their help, if they are on this forum. In particular :
    - A couple of Calgari, whose daughter lives in France, met twice
    - A couple who lent me his phone on Slickrock (guy with white 5.75)
    - A couple of Boston, who gave me some Advil after my fall (I've got broken ribs) on Porcupine trail
    - My 4 partners of California with whom I have done all Porcupine trail
    - Another couple (in Giant) met twice, the guy had lost his helmet on Porcupine trail

    I really hope to get them again and then be able to contact by email.