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  • 04-15-2007
    Hello MTBR members,

    I've been lurking around the boards for quite sometime, thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Sok (short version of full name). I recently just bought an IBEX Alpine 650 (hardtail) and I've been dying to hit some trails. I've been compliant with the "Winter Ban" in most areas. I don't want to be the cause of trail erosion/damage, especially as a newbie. I've been riding my bike around town on paved roads, but I'm still itching to hit the trails. My question is, what trails are good for a beginner to learn on? I'm a fairly quick learner when it comes to sports. I live in Lowell. I know the Lowell Dracut State Forest is about 5 miles away from my home, but I just wanted to know of any other alternatives. I understand there are numerous trails, but I just wanted to know which ones are good stepping stones so I can hone my skills and step up to more advanced terrains. Responses are very much appreciated.
  • 04-16-2007
    Hello, and welcome to the forums. I can completely relate to your riding situation. As for other good riding locations, Leominster State Forest has an extensive network of trails ranging from beginner to intermediate/advanced. You should also go to and check out the trail reviews section, they have a lot of other spots listed.

  • 04-16-2007
    Funny that the two of you are on MTBR and don't recommend:

    Remember all MTBR reviews are done by bikers, so each of us have our own opinions.
  • 04-16-2007
    Anytime you want to ride Lynn Woods and or Bruce and Tom's drop us an e-mail. Or you can check out our group rides page on the website at

    Some people think we are crazy rides, but we are not. Just out to have fun and enjoy the sport of mountain biking. All riding levels are welcomed.
  • 04-16-2007
    Great Brook Farm
    GB is a mellow location for those just getting into riding and it's close to you. Lowell-Dracut is a great place to explore and there is a good group that rides and cares for the trails there. Post at forums and you're sure to make some friends an get the guided tour. Other more distant locations that will want to visit before long - Harold Parker SF in Andover/N. Andover and FOMBA just outside of Manchester NH.

    This rain we just got will take some time to drain down, but in a few days, the trails should be ready.

    Have fun!
  • 04-17-2007
    Hi Sok,

    The Merrimack Valley chapter of NEMBA has a Tuesday evening ride at LDT. Details are typically posted on the NEMBA forum and via the MV email list. Feel free to join us. We also frequently ride other local spots on the weekends like Great Brook & Harold Parker.


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