New Downhill section @Wompatuk-
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    New Downhill section @Wompatuk

    Hey Everyone,

    I would to be able to find the newer downhill section with the great berms in Wompatuk. I believe it was built last spring? It was part of the Landmine Classic race. The only location I can remember is that it was after the big uphill climb. I do not know any trail names, maybe some GPS? Any info would be awesome. Thanks.

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    prospect hill.

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    As the man says, it starts at the top of prospect hill, which I believe is marked on the dcr map. There's 4 trails that go up/down the hill, the one you want is called pine run or somesuch, and I believe there is a sign marking it at the top. For reference, if you're entering the park at the main entrance and head down union st., prospect hill is way down toward the other end of the park and on your right. Its sort of near south field. Just keep riding around in that area and when you start climbing a really big hill you know you're there because its really the only big hill in the park.

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    Top of Prospect

    Grab a map at the visitor center at the main lot. Get yourself to S1 or S6 and climb the hill. S4 is near the entrance to the switchback downhill. From the main lot you can enter at NW1 and loop around a bunch of cool stuff to get to either S1 or S6. Easy to get lost so keep the map handy.

    I have a group going out at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and we will do the downhill if you want to tag along.

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    Love that trail; kudos to whomever cut it. (Actually i was there one of the days they were finishing it up and they encouraged my group to ride it - gracious guys, your work id much appreciated!)
    Still, i think I prefer the more technical trail to the right. That trail is a technical biatch and i feel like if I can ever flow that thing all the way down, I'll have won.
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