The Pioneer Valley 100 mile MTB ride is going off this Saturday, October 15, 2011. Ride starts at 5:00am. Start and end is from my house in Agawam. Lights needed for the first two hours, then we will drop them.

I'd say about 60 miles will be good single track. There will be some rough jeep roads, some asphalt, some nice dirt roads, some dyke riding, and some rail trail. It is an out and back loop. We will start with my trails for 20 miles, then through West Springfield and Holyoke following the east side base of the ridge. Then up over the ridge to the west side and across Mt Tom. Down by the Oxbow in Northampton (dirt roads), up to Rt9 going into Hadley (rail trail), then hit Earl's trails (good ST) for about 20 miles, then head back the same way. And more miles in my park, if we did not eclipse 100, when we come back by the house. Start at 5am with lights. Loop Robinson and drop lights at my house, and then finish the other 80 miles. A couple guys offered to meet us here and there with support. Hopefully they will come through. Bring 2 gallons of water for yourself for the day and hopefully these guys will distribute all our water jugs. And bring food for the day too, and we can have that delivered too, but no guarantees. We will go by a couple stores too, so if the support doesn't come through, we will be fine. Bring some ca$h. We will be riding in a group and will need to keep a good pace. Everyone should also bring (gasp!) a cell phone. We have only one leader and if we have to keep going from a breakdown or something, we can later regroup by those pesky electronics.
The ride will start in Agawam, through West Springfield, Holyoke and Amherst. Lots of forgotten trails will be ridden. Should be a fun day in the saddle.

Please RSVP so we can plan

If you are available to help with support, please let me know. Should only be for one meeting, or more if you like.

Thanks! Steve
stevenrossi -at- rocketmail -dot- com