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    We the people ... Mud Season - Are the trail ready tp ride?

    This is a big topic during this time of the year. With a number of different thread on BS and other local forums, everyone should be getting the message.

    Dieselbikes was requested by a few local land managers to post an article about muddy trail conditions. We did not go into tons of detail, but we created any article that has our "spin" about riding on wet, muddy trails.

    You can read this article by clicking on the direct weblink below:

    It is also accessible from our homepage and news section.

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    Great Article

    Great Article.. It all comes down to judgment and personal responsibility. There's definitely a short time here in NE where the subsoil hasn't thawed and the topsoil and trail surfaces are a muddy slurry. You know when you're riding on it. You can see the ruts you and other riders are making. You'll suddenly sink into really DEEP mud on trail sections that are normally firm. Fortunately, this period typically doesn't last that long and conditions vary from area to area and within specific areas depending on drainage, sun exposure, water table, etc. Doesn't take that much will power to hold up for a week or two while the mess sorts itself out (mostly.) If you see an area that's a mess, give it a rest. Ride somewhere else. If you can't chill out of respect for your fellow riders or the people that put in hours keeping the trails sweet, do it for yourself. You're only ripping up the trails you love to rail....

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    Good to see some press about using your head. From my perspective "mud season" can happen at any time during the year depending on rainfall and a trails ability to recover. Use your head.

    (For those that don't know BS =

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    Very well put. I've ridden with people from both sides of the coin. The don't give a sh*t people get all pissed off when you tell them they really shouldn't be damaging these trails. Then the other guys that will tell say you shouldn't be on your bike during the muddy season period!

    Everyone just needs to use your freaking head! We've all been naughty and have ridden on trails before they were ready. Think about how deep your tire sunk into that dirt and stripped it away exposing roots and rock and widening the trail. Now multiply that x 10, 20, or even 100. That's what ruins trails and forces closures or massive repair efforts.

    On the other side of the coin there are trails that have a certain soil composition that lets them drain real well and are still rideable during the mud season. I think Dogtown is a good example. Yes, there are spots that need to be avoided but there is a ton of available riding there when everywhere else is a mudpit.

    So spread the word but don't be a b*tch about it, that seems to make people want to do it more

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