MTB Action Alert -- Belmont Trails Threatened-
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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! MTB Action Alert -- Belmont Trails Threatened

    Greater Boston MTB Riders:

    Your help is urgently needed to help keep trails open to mountain
    biking in Belmont. Many mountain bikers currently enjoy riding the
    McLean Property in Belmont, perhaps you do as well. This area is now
    under threat.

    The town is in the process of setting a new policy for the McLean Open
    Space that will limit cyclists access to a single trail. The committee
    responsible for this decision is looking for public input on this
    decision and it is crucial that all concerned mountain bikers send
    their comments to the committee and if possible attend the public
    meeting next Thursday evening.

    For more information on the location of the meeting and where to send
    you comments, visit

    If you have any questions after reading the alert web page, please
    contact NEMBA's Belmont liason, Tom Grimble, at [email protected].

    Please take the time to send an email. It's also important that lots
    of mountain bikers attend the public meeting next Thursday, so please
    spread the word to anyone you think might be interest in protecting
    this area for cycling.


    Philip Keyes
    [email protected]

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    update: the meeting went pretty well:

    - we had a good showing: about 20 riders came to support the cause
    thanks to all who came out!

    - the trail plan that was presented was much better than expected, but
    it is still not good for the mtb community if certain trails are designated hiking only. at this point several keys trails are planning to be rerouted and closed to bikes. unfortunately those trails would be the ones that made loops rather than out and backs as currently proposed.

    - gbnemba will make final comments on the comments that were made at the meeting and hopefully the trails at mclean will remain 100% open

    - gbnemba also formally volunteered all trail building and maintenance services to the town.

    the land committee will deliberate after final comments are received by close of business (5pm) today.

    if you have comments it is not too late - get them in today.


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    That reminds me of what they did with Marin County trails in Cali. Thus, the invention of "poaching". Is there really something that drives people to close out trails to MTB'ers? What/who is doing this? Hikers, property owners, selectman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Intense5point5
    What/who is doing this? Hikers, property owners, selectman?
    Property Owners. McLean Hospital, one of the largest private Psychiatric facilities remaining in New England.

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    not the property owners....

    it is NOT the (former) property owners that want to ban bikes. in fact, mclean hospital has made 100% of the property available to bike riders for the last 20 years and donated the property to the town of belmont with the stipulation that bikes remain as viable trail users.

    it is local abutters, who are afraid of bikes, that start these antibike movements. primarily it is a NIMBY situation, but it is also most frequently rooted in a bad encounter with a bike rider...typically when inconsiderate riders nearly run down other trail users. so the town land management committee had a study done by a professional trails survey outfit who deemed certain trails unsuitable for multi-use for the safety and serenity of certain trail users.

    this is an issue all over new england that nemba is battling with on a daily basis. sometimes our community is it's own worst enemy through ignorance. more often, though, it is a local rider or group of riders that have no real affiliation with the mtb community: the walmart bikes and no helmets crowd (wearing ultralong basketball shorts and a wifebeater tshirt), that go into the woods and blunder around with no respect for the property or fellow trails users.

    so spread the word: RESPECT

    and join nemba to show your support.



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