Moving to Mass

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  • 10-24-2007
    Moving to Mass
    Can anyone suggest some good shops, trails and organizations to get involved in. I'll be moving to the Amherst - Springfield area. I ride a SS 29'r and cross bike. Any help would be great.
  • 10-24-2007

    Which area are you closer to: Amherst or Springfield (pretty different areas-some distance apart)?

    There is a Pretty vibrant Cyclocross scene (in full swing) with a couple of big (one Nationally recognized) races in the immediate area.

    The Mountain Biking is, IMHO, as good as anywhere (and there is copious amounts of it).

    Road riding around here is pretty great, too.

    PM me for particulars etc.
    As for Organizations to check out--I represent the local chapter of The New england Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA_Pioneer Valley Chapter)--- I think we're worth looking into, and are always happy to get new folks on the trails in the region.

  • 10-25-2007
    When ya moving? I just moved to the Springfield area from PA. Actually...I'm in Enfield, CT until I find a house. Shoot me a PM and we'll plan some riding. I also ride a SS 29er (...and FS and I'm a roadie too). Robinson in Agawam is a pretty good place for a SS. I was introduced to it last weekend.

    - Chris
  • 10-26-2007
    moving to the area next month, I will contact you when I'm out there. Thanks for the info.