This is an EPIC For Most Everyone - "The Mere Mortal Epic" and "Optional Expert Challenge"

This should be a challenge for both the Intermediate and Expert riders alike. Read on...

The focus here is really to get Intermediate riders out for a longer ride. As you read, it will seem like the focus is on the Experts, but it is really just an effort to get a bigger group. And, it should be VERY entertaining for the non-Expert participants.

There is always interest in the bigger meaner EPICS by folks who aren't sure if they are up to the longer faster push. Well, this is an attempt to accommodate most. There is even an option for the Advanced riders. The plan is for about a 5 hour journey, at a very reasonable Intermediate Pace, with as little stopping as possible. There will be three scheduled stops. No drops.

The Intermediate Ride: The ride will start from my house in Agawam at 8:30am. We will ride through Robinson heading west for a couple hours. We will then head South on pavement for about 2.5 miles, climb up onto the M&M ridge and ride it North, then back through Robinson.

The Expert Ride: The terrain, pace and distance will be identical to above. In fact, the Experts will ride right along side the Intermediates, no faster, no further, and no slower (well maybe). The added Expert challenge will be completely in the form of "Trail Food". The "Expert Experience" starts at 8:20, 10 minutes before the Intermediates. At 8:20, you will need to be ready to ride. At which point you will have 10 minutes to down the THREE Mrs. Murphy's donuts that are presented to you (Yum!). Now let's ride! At the west end of the park, after a couple hours of riding, and before hitting the road section, you will then be presented with a "Trail Side Snack", an order of world famous, served up fresh, "Grill Fries" from the 911 restaurant! (More Yum!). 10 minute consumption time limit, but you should only need 5. Alright, let's hit the road and then up onto and back on the ridge. That will return us to the lovely 911 restaurant again. Time for "Expert Lunch"! On the menu today is the "Westfield Bomber", cooked just for you, along with a famous 911 Thick Milk Shake! (More and more and more Yum!). You get a full 20 minutes for lunch. Back to riding and the last trail section for about an hour and a half. Back at my place, because you will hankering for something sweet, will be desert! A three scoop Banana Split! You get a 15 minutes on this one.
I hear the reigning champ, Chaz, is a little nervous by the prospects of a new competitor on the scene. Will the newbie, Joe, devour the competition? Who else dares challenge the Champ...

Important Info:
Date: 9-3-2011
Time: Ready to ride for 8:20 or 8:30, depending on your choice of ride!
Location: My House in Agawam
Bring: Some kind of munchie to share post ride (All should bring one, but this is mainly for the Intermediates, who will likely be the only ones that are hungry. But you never know...)
I will have pizza for after. BYOB

RSVP required for the Expert Option. Please let me know as soon as you can.
stevenrossi -at- rocketmail - dot- com

It's this Saturday! Please RSVP by Thursday either way, but it is MANDATORY for the "Expert Option".

Who else is hungry?!?!

See the Recap from last year's mayhem at the bottom of this post: