We (Lynn Woods Maintenance Volunteers) were able to complete 100% of our sixth trail maintenance project. This trail work was completed (picture posted below) near the Wolf Pits area at the bottom of the Bow Ridge Trail Network.

In record time, we were able to "CARRY" 2000lbs of lumber almost 0.5 mile to the job site and assembly the 72 foot long ladder bridge with only 6 VOLUNTEERS total! The team was highly motivated to complete this bridge and we hope everyone will enjoy this new feature in Lynn Woods.

I want to extend my personal thanks to each individual (listed below) that helped complete this project. This was by far the biggest and most back-breaking project attempted by Dieselbikes, but the team finished the job! I look forward to see everyone again in future trail builds and/or maintenance projects.

Volunteer List:

Tina - Lynn, MA
Simon - Somerville, MA
George - Somerville, MA
Chris - Rowley, MA
Sam - Lynn, MA
Gerardo - Lynn, MA

Picture Below:
72 foot x 35 inch wide ladder bridge.