With the help of the local biking community, Dieselbikes was able to complete 100% of our forth trail day in Lynn Woods. As usual, this was another back breaking project but our main goal and a few extra’s were accomplished.

A section of Overlook Trail runs through a wet area that becomes flooded during heavy rain and stays muddy most of the year. To reduce and/or eliminate environment damage, we decided to install a few wooden ladder bridges to span the sections of wet areas. This past Saturday, the heavy rain did not stop 12 highly motivated volunteers who worked at a record pace installing each section of the bridges.

With over 3000lbs of pre-cut lumber, everyone went to work like a well oiled machine pulling rocks, clearing the trail bed and assembling the bridges. After hammering in over 1200 twist-tie nails, the team decided to keep pushing forward by armoring each end of the bridges and installing a few natural trail features.

Visit the link below for the full story and trail work day photos: