Even though the snow is back, we at Dieselbikes have been getting request about the closure dates for Lynn Woods and if there are any places around the woods to ride. To start off, Lynn Woods is closed to mountain biking from January 1 to April 14. However there is an area outside the boundaries of Lynn Woods where you can ride if you choose to do so. This area is north of the power lines on Route 1 near the Naked Fish and Fun Time (Former Big Dog). We have created a map outlining this area to ride (click the link below).


Please note this area is not officially a riding spot but is protected conservation land. This land is privately owned by groups such as New England Power, City of Lynnfield and Greenbelt. These organizations know that people mountain bike on this land and have permitted such activity providing the same rules of no man-made stunt building is conducted. I ask that everyone ride the define paths in this area and respect Lynn Woods Closure. If you never rode this area before, we suggest that you ride with someone who has. There is plenty of land and you can easily enjoy 3 hours of biking fun.