Lynn Woods trails blocked-
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    Lynn Woods trails blocked

    Looks like someone is mad at the mountain bikers who ride on the trail that starts at the parking lot behind Kelly Jeep.
    We rode there late yesterday (Monday 4/30) and going up that trail there was either logs or debris about every 100 feet laid across the trail. This was all the ways up to the power lines.
    My bud and I did the best we could do clear all of it, but we may have missed some trails, so be careful if your ripping down it.

    I'm thinking whom ever did this did it on Monday during the day since I rode there on Sunday morning and it was fine.

    The conservation committee just recently put up signs at the parking lot to try and save spaces for us and to keep the jeeps out of the way. I hope the jeep dealership isnt pissed about this...
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    There's always someone mad at others for having fun. They did the same thing last weekend. Same spot. It's definitely happening between Sunday at noon and Monday night. We rode last Sunday and it was clear only to be covered on Tuesday. Apparently they've done it again. Keep your eyes open and ride up before riding down. You'll at least know if the trail is covered and hopefully catch them in the act. If you do, do your best to identify them. Cell phone pic, License plate #, anything.

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    I would suspect its vandals from the apt complex just next door to the skulls trails. I see lots of kids on the skull quarry after school when I am riding there after work. Brian Kelly himself was in support of bikers, so I doubt it was one of his peeps. But anything is possible.
    I noticed the wood ladder moved a couple weeks ago when climbing, it would have been problematic to say the least if descending and rolling off the rock with no ladder...
    Keep your eyes out.
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