On Saturday May 26, 2007, Dieselbikes will be holding our second of five Trail Maintenance days in Lynn Woods. This trail day has been approved by the Lynn Woods Park Management. On Saturday we will begin to rock armor a section of trail that leads from the Wolf Pits Bridge up to Boston Rock. This trail day will be 90% stone work; we will require a ton of volunteers to complete the job on Saturday. The trail work site just off of OX Pasture road but will require a 20 minute walk out to the work area from the Ballfield parking lot. Here is what you need to know:

Start Time and Meeting Place:

Everyone should meet at the Ballfield parking lot at 9:00am. We will be leaving the parking lot by 9:20 after a trail safety/work review meeting and head to the job site. If you can not make it there by 9:20, come any way and just ride or walk out to the work site. We will put you to work when you get their.

Remember, this trail day is sponsored by JRA Cycles. This means that you are eligible to receive a FREE raffle ticket for an Iron Horse Porter Hardtail frame. Dieselbikes raffle & prize rules apply. Please click here for raffle details.


Mapquest link to the Ballfield Parking Lot:

Estimated Project Time:

We accept this project to take 5 hours to complete. We may have a group ride after the trail day, but this is weather/time dependent, so bring your bike.

What to Bring:

Bring your own bug spray, food, water, pair of work gloves and eye protection. Weather is always questionable, so dress appropriately. Bring your bike is encouraged but always optional. Please remember, at this point in time Dieselbikes does not have the funds to provide lunch. It is suggested you bring your own food, snacks water and/or drink.

What WE are going to do:

The work map below shows the job site area. The section of trail (highlighted in blue) that climbs up from the Wolf Pits Bridge towards Boston Rock is severely eroded. A survey of this area leaves us with no suitable path to cut a new re-route trail without drastically changing the flow of the trail. Regardless of this severe erosion, park management does not want to close this section of trail due to its long history in the woods and heavy user traffic. Our proposed solution is to armor a (24” average) path of the trail leading up the hill. By armoring the trail thread, we will greatly reduce the current erosion which is occurring. Over the past few years, Dieselbikes has installed a water pipe and ladder bridge to combat decades of erosion with in this trail section. This will be back breaking work, however we believe the resulting trail repair will last for decades.

There is a ton of work and we will need groups of people to mine for rock, carry rock to the work area and armor sections of this trail. A small team of Dieselbikes members will be out this coming week before the trail day bringing as much rock to the work site as possible. Again this is a huge undertaking with approximately 200 feet of trail that will require armoring. It will be hard work, but fun. If you never rock armored a trail before, then come on down and help built this stone highway.

This will be a labor intensive day and tools will be provided for this work day. If you have your own personal tools you rather work with, feel free to bring them, but you are responsible for your own property. Please PM or e-mail ([email protected]) if you need further information.