• 04-16-2006
    Lynn Woods Opening Day Group Ride Pictures
    We at Dieselbikes want to thank all who came out to ride with us on opening day. It was a sick ride and all who joined had a fun time. Riders of all technical levels and age groups join. We are glad to say that some riders made their first attempts in jumping and technical singletrack.

    We started at 10:00 and finished at 4:30 hitting everything from Bow Ridge to the Power Lines back around to the Wolf pits. Few bikes broke along with some injuries, but nothing serious.

    Below are a few pictures from our group ride. You can see all the pictures at Dieselbikes.com under this link:


    Looking forward to ride with everyone again and anyone else who wants to just get out on their bike and have fun!

  • 04-16-2006
    Thanks for posting all that! I was in that group ride and had a ton of fun. You are running a very good program and I'll tell my friends about it. Hope that elbow is healing up.
    -Oh, and will there be a Tuesday ride? :)