• 04-09-2007
    Lynn Woods opening day Dieselbikes group ride question
    Saw on the Dieselbikes site that there is a group ride on the opening day of Lynn Woods (this Sunday the 15th of April at 10am). Is the meeting area the baseball field?

    Also, is this an XC or freeride based ride? I assume its more XC but figured I'd ask before bringing a 30 lbs 5 inch travel bike vs a 40lbs 7 inch bike.

    Anyone else plan on going?
  • 04-09-2007
    I plan on going but it is forcasted to rain on sunday. Will this still take place in the event of rain?
  • 04-10-2007
    Hey Fellow Mountain Bikers.

    Drop me and e-mail at [email protected] I can put you on Dieselbikes e-mail list which will information you when and where group rides take place. Also, you will receive our local newsletter.

    As far as the Opening Day in Lynn, the call will be made Saturday afternoon, if the weather is going to be bad. If it is light rain most likely we will still ride. IF SNOW, well we will just move it to next week.

    Meeting time will be at 10:30, ballfield parking lot. Ride time will be 3-4 hours, or until you get tired. We have no riding style, just out to have fun.

    Again, shoot me an e-mail, and anyone else who wants to get on the e-mail list can do the same.

    a.K.a. DIESEL