• 09-13-2007
    Lost dog in Western MA. Please keep your eyes open for him (pics inside)
    Wednesday 9/13 around 1:30 my dog Gage decided to take off after something. We were in Hawley St Forest, on single track just a little ways out from the Kiln parking area. He was spotted by a hiker a couple hours after that heading down Hunt Rd towards West Hawley/Charlemont. I've been out there looking for him just about non stop since he took off.

    His name is Gage. He's a male chow/golden(or possibly yellow lab, we don't know for sure since we adopted him). He's neutered, is up to date on shots and has a micro-chip.

    If you happen to see him or here of anything that might have to do with him please email me. dan_j_finn [at] yahoo.com.

    His hair is slightly longer and fluffy'er than in this pic, this was just after he got his summer shave

  • 09-14-2007

    you should post this on the nemba forums and send something to Bob (at bikes unlimited) on his website--a lot of folks who ride up that way use it-also drop a photo and message at Flye Cycles in south deerfield as half the Hawley crew uses Norman's shop.

    I am going to ride up there this afternoon--I will definitely look for your dog--PM me your contact info so if I find him I can send it too you.

    I am really sorry to hear this-

  • 09-15-2007
    We are now offering a $200 reward, cash, no questions asked.

    We think he still may be in the area, he was seen Thursday evening walking along Plainfield road, the paved road that the fire station is on.
  • 09-18-2007
    I found him this morning. Thanks to everyone who was out there looking for him.
  • 09-18-2007
    Sweet. He okay?
  • 09-18-2007
    Tim Mailloux

    I have been following this thread since it started and have checked in a couple of times a day waiting to hear that you finally found your dog.
  • 09-18-2007
  • 09-18-2007
    This is great news!
  • 09-19-2007

    Originally Posted by MickAv8r
    Sweet. He okay?

    Other than being tired, hungry and seeming a little sore (slow to get up/off the couch) he seems just fine.

    For those of you who know the area he had made his way from the trails by the Kiln parking area all the way over to Plainfield Pond. It's good to have him home.