Logging is planned for Robinson State Park in Agawam, Massachusetts. Concerned users are organizing to STOP this unnecessary and destructive logging operation. You can help. Please see below...

The first stages of a Logging operation (Timber Sale) in Robinson State Park are underway. The forest will be clear-cut in places, and be left all-but leveled in others. Damage from heavy equipment will be extensive. There is blue and yellow paint on numerous trees. Trees painted blue are to be cut for lumber. Trees painted yellow mark the future road for heavy equipment access, and will also be cut for lumber.

The reason for the logging is a "shoe string fungus" affecting some of the Red Pines. The Red Pines were planted in the 1930s by the CCC and are not native to this area. Mother nature is in the process of correcting this problem, without MORE human intervention. Whether these trees are cut or not, shoe string fungus is ever present in the forest floor (everywhere) waiting to take over weakened trees. Further, the problem is that much other hardwood will also be harvested in order to make this Timber Sale profitable and more attractive. The sale (appears) to need to be attractive toward both, the private logging companies (that will be bidding on our forest) and the quotas/tallies for in-state harvested wood (for the paper product industry).

Chicopee State Park and Chester State Forest were logged during the last two years. The condition they were left in is unacceptable. This logging is being carried out in an irresponsible manner with disregard for wildlife, plant life, land usage, and most of all, the condition in which it is left. We do have pictures, but please go see for yourself.

Massachusetts presently holds some 285,000 acres of forest throughout the state. With this Timber Sale, the state is attempting to sell 130 acres of our small 852 acre park (approximately 15.26%).

The Friends of Robinson State Park are in the process of trying to stop this excessive, unnecessary and destructive logging activity. We need all the support we can get. Your support at this meeting would be greatly appreciated. Attend and show your concern.

Please join us at the Agawam Public Library, Monday evening, May 22nd at 6:30PM.

Ways you can help:
Write your legislators: An easy to use form-letter can be found at www.gravitywarehouse.com
Write the Governor and Lt. Governor Mitt Romney and Kerry Healey
State House - Office of the Governor Room 360 Boston, MA 02133 888-870-7770
Write your State Representative - Daniel F Keenan (Resigned) Legislative Aide Running Office
[email protected] - 375 Walnut Street Extension-Agawam, MA 01001 413-786-4545
Write Your State Senator - Stephen J. Buoniconti
[email protected] - 150-B Bridge Street Springfield, MA 01103 413-733-9991 Fax: 413-733-9998
Write the Mayor of Agawam - Richard A. Cohen
[email protected] 36 Main Street Agawam, MA 01001 413-786-0400 ext. 200
Sign the Petition to Stop the Logging
Attend this meeting
Write to local news outlets with your opion (letters to the Editor)
Share this information with others.
Post on Community Websites

Robinson State Park is a small park that many people enjoy in many ways.
Logging our park will ruin it!!!

Get involved!!!

For more information:
Friends of Robinson State Park (Steve) 786-3744