Hi everyone. I just wanted to check in a let people know about our shop. I know there are tons of local bike shops around Mass but not a lot of Norco dealers. We at Centre Ski & Bike do .

We just got more Torrent7's and Storm7's in stock. The Torrent is a silly fun 27.5+ hardtail. It's my favorite bike in the shop right now. We have had people as far as near Acadia up in Maine to buy the Torrent.

In addition to Norco we got Fuji, KHS, Se, Free Agent and a decent used bike selection. Historically we sell a lot of hybrids and commuter bike due to our city setting but I want to start selling more mountain bikes.

I'm also building a social media presence from the ground up and we always enjoy new likes and follows! Check us out on Facebook (@centreskibike), Twitter (@centreski_bike) and Instagram (@centreski_bike).

Thanks! Have a good weekend.