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    local dirt-jumps/kickers/drops/street-spots around Boston/Cambridge

    Hi all,

    I recently moved out to Cambridge and have been riding the dirt trails by the Charles (heading west toward Watertown/Waltham) after work when there isn't time for a proper excursion to Vietnam/Lynn Woods. After repeatedly riding the natural bumps/obstacles in this area, I am starting to get bored and am looking for other fun local spots in the city (the Lynch/Arsenal/Waltham skateparks aren't particularly great for mtb either). I know the Fenway and more recent Jamaica Pond dirt jumps have been destroyed by the city (not sure there are any jump/kickers still remaining anywhere in Boston?).

    Thus I thought this thread could be a good place for Boston mtb riders to share their favorite local spots, so we can all have more places to mess around.

    Here are some spots I've discovered so far:

    - There is a secluded area of Christian A Herter park with a wooden stage that's fun to hop on and drop off (3-5 ft), a small dirt hill to bomb down, and two 1/2 ft concrete bumps forming a cool 15+ ft gap to blast over

    - Around Wards and Leverett Ponds, there are some fun downhill single-track trail sections and stair gaps/rides which are much less crowded than the larger Jamaica-Pond area

    - Right by Acceleron Pharma in Cambridge, there is a 10+ ft sculpture on the bike path (visible from their parking lot), which forms a nice natural quarter pipe

    - Intersection of Water St and Nonatum Rd has a nice downhill section of road (which is generally traffic-less) with a decent gap-drop and a 5ft concrete bank at the top of the hill

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    Checked out the new skate park under rt 93?

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    He said it wasn't good for mtb.

    good on ya for posting up some of your spots, I clicked on this expecting a "where's a good spot for this?" type thread. There really isn't too much around, some small stuff in hingham at wompy, but nothing crazy.
    I recommend befriending some of the bmx kids, and seeing if they'll take you to some of the dirtjump spots. They are around, but as I'm sure you know, very safely guarded by the cats that build/maintain them. Or go ask at one of the core bmx shops around.

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    I would suggest the Harbor walk. Starting at the North Washington Bridge and follow it all the way out to seaport. Then continue out to Castle Island. Lots of fun stuff along this route. One thing, it can be crowded, if you ride the harbor walk at 2pm on a saturday it will be busy with walkers...But they always like my wheelies.

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    If you make it out to the old Metropolitan State Hospital / Beaver Brook Reservation in Waltham / Belmont there's some stuff there. Most of it is reclaimed hospital service roads, but there are some cool downhills if you're willing to do the climb (or hike) and there is a sort of hidden set of jumps near the Metfern Cemetery. Just like the Lynch park, whoever built those definitely built them for BMX.

    For random street spots, I like the area by the Cambridge kayak rental tent in Kendall Square. Right by the canal. There's a few ledges there that you can ride right up and then there's a two foot or so drop. Nothing crazy.

    I agree with the Harbor walk. I always end up cruising up and down that way - either with my gf or by myself riding like a donkey. There are definitely things to entertain yourself with on the side.

    The Navy Yard has lots of cool stuff around. Whether you want jumps, drops or whatever or more trialsy obstacles. I'd say 90% of my street sessions start in the Navy Yard before I venture off.

    The area behind the North End bocce courts has some neat stuff, too.

    There's a loading dock in Tech Square in Cambridge.. behind FedEx? I forget exactly what it's behind. You can ride up the handicap ramp and then launch off it. Just go after work hours or have a buddy at the entrance to the loading ramp area so you don't get smoked as it's a blind corner.

    I fully admit I've only been doing this style of riding for a few years so my suggestions may not be big enough or gnarly enough for ya. Hope it helps though.
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    Thanks for the replies. Finally got around to checking out the Navy Yard + Harbor Walk area and had a great time!

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