Kids ride/programs

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  • 08-06-2014
    Kids ride/programs
    I'd like to get my 7 year old out on some trails.

    Any recommendations for where to do this?

    I heard highland has a 1/2 day program for kids where they teach them some basic stuff but its a bit far from us in Boston. Any other options around?

  • 08-07-2014
    The pumptrack area at Russel Mills is great for kids (though the actual mtb trails might be a bit advanced for a 7 y/o), as are the trails around the fields at Great Brook in Carlisle (bonus -they have an ice cream stand and working farm exhibits too). Not trails, but the Billerica and Wakefield BMX tracks are great spots to learn a lot too; both are open to ride whenever they're not racing on them. I'd recommend maybe putting in some time at those types of places before heading up to Highland.
  • 08-07-2014
    Mr Magoo
    +1 great advice to use BMX or pumptrack as a primer. Getting the swoopiness down before adding rocks and roots will be a great confidence booster. This stuff is so much more mental than physical.
  • 08-08-2014
    Kids ride/programs
    Whitney Woods in Hingham/Cohasset has perfect trails for kids. Dirt carriage paths through woods, no major hills, no roots or rocks.

    It's located just to the north of Wompy, in fact the trail systems hook up at the north end of NS area at wompy.
  • 08-09-2014
    Here's a list of some upcoming kids rides.

    8/9 North Shore NEMBA Kids Rides (Kids/Family)
    8/12 Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA Kids Rides (Kids/Family)

    8/16 Greater Boston NEMBA Kids Rides (Kids/Family)

    Check the NEMBA page for details. NEMBA | New England Mountain Bike Association