• 04-19-2006
    Just wondering if anyone here is going to ride the wed. night series @ holiday farm?
    i think im going to try and do every race...i've never been there but it seems like something fun to do on wed. nights....anyone here ever raced there? just lookin for some feed back on the place...thanks
  • 05-18-2006
    Mountain Biker
    HOLIDAY FARM -- Dalton Ma Wednesday Night Train Race
    :band: :drumroll:

    There are starting soon!!!

    You can check out http://www.berkshiresports.org/index..._announcements for more info.
    Type in www.holidayfarm.com and go to events.

    Usually are 30-50 min in length:eekster: , will have a race to challenge any level racer (first timer to pro)

    Fun:ihih: , Laid Back:o , only $8:out: :shocked: , monthly BBQ:smilewinkgrin: also!!

    Check it out!!
  • 06-08-2006
    is it the same course as the upcoming NORBA race in July?