• 06-03-2012
    Just moved to Shrewsbury, looking for riding partners and/or places to go
    Just moved to Shrewsbury tonight from central NY (Ithaca area, Cortland to be exact). I'm going be around until end of August when I go back to school in Keene, NH. I have no idea where anything is yet and am looking for people to ride with or suggestions on where to go. More into letting gravity do it's thing than try and ride against it, but I have no problem earning my downs. I also really enjoy putting in some miles on good singletrack too. Tight and tech is great fun as well as trails with good smooth flow. Basically if it's brown, I'm down. I'd be really interested in knowing if there are any b bike parks nearby (within a few hours drive). I do have a truck if someone wants to go but needs a ride. Any group rides near the Shrewsbury/Worchester/Northboro area?
  • 06-04-2012
    Welcome to the area Fastcars. Do a search for woodsguy in this forum, his signature file has a link to a lot of local trails. If you like tight/twisty, Singletary in Millbury is very close to you. Not so much in the way of gravity or downhill, its definitely a XC ride. Highland Park in NH would be your spot for that I suppose.