• 01-06-2010
    I'm looking to demo a pugsley or any fat bike
    I'm considering purchasing a fat tire bike but I'd like to ride one in the appropriate conditions first just to know the difference. For the last few weeks I've been riding in 1-4" of snow on my AM bike. Anyone willing to hook-up with me for a ride/demo? I have a Spesh Enduro size Large that I'd be riding and assuming that can handle whatever the conditions are, I'd just want to trade for 10 or 20 minutes.


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  • 01-09-2010
    Nobody? Gotta be someone going for a ride on their pugsley this weekend! Just looking for 5mns on it and to tag along for the rest of the ride if possible.

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  • 01-11-2010
    I have a fatbike but its too big for anyone to ride unless your 6'6'' or taller. These bikes can break trail through 8'' of snow if the tire pressure is low enough and has unlimited traction. You should just get one, I cant believe I didn't get one years ago. I rode 5 times in the past week for over 2hrs each time and my conditioning is the same as when I was riding in the fall. I will not know what it is like to get back into shape once the snow melts.

    Buy one you will love it.

  • 01-26-2010

    I demoed some fat tire bike at a NEMBA event last season. It was awesome. Wish I could have tried it on some snow or sand but just the regular trail ride with it was pretty fun.