Just a little update from the trail crew at Catamount.....

Been throwing down the last few weeks getting the hill in shape for you all. Already added a new berm after the step-down on Lower Cat and a right hand hip after that.

We also buffed Broken Rake and added a nice little tech booter in the flow of the run along with a new berm on that run.

Got the table line dialed in today with the bulldozer----for all you riders who over shot number one last year!! Fear the flat no more we added three feat to number one and two feet to number two so the flow of the tables is now dialed.

Had some extra dirt so we decided to throw in another hip in the park. Its a left hander that utilizes the back of berm four as its run out.

We are bermin and terracing the entire run on Sunrise this week---so it should be fast and flowy for the 3rd.

Thats it for now-More pics to come

-Owen FC Team

Pics are on Facebook page-Freeridecatamount