• 05-30-2008
    How to report license plate
    Does anyone know how to report a license plate?

    I've never done this before but today I feel like I have to.

    I was riding mass ave on the harvard bridge and I happened to look in my rearview to see this white van with its passenger side wheels half over the bike lane line coming up behind me going about 60. The mirror passed within a foot of me and that's after I moved over. The driver saw me craning for the plates and floored it.

    I as so pissed off that I had a hard time remembering exactly what the plate was

    It was either


    Thanks in advance.
  • 05-30-2008
    Ummm, the cops? Seriously, call 911 with the plate number and whatever offense(s) the driver committed.

    If you have the make and model of the vehicle they can search based on only part of the tag number if you only remember the first couple digits.