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    New question here. Help with picking a bike

    I just moved to the area so I am not familiar with the trails around here. I want to buy a new bike but I am not sure what type a bike will work well for me around here. I do mostly trail riding and agressive XC. I would also want the option to be alble to do some DH just for fun once in a while. I have been riding since 91 in Arizona where is very rocky so a full suspension is must there. My current MTB is an old (although updated) GT RTS.
    I have been out of the mountain biking for about 5 years during which I got into road riding. I have a Trek 5200 (carbon) which i use to ride on an average of 80 miles a week. I say I use to ride, sice I haven't been on a bike for 2 months now.
    I was thinking of picking up a FOES FXR (05 model). Is that overkill for the trails around here?

    thanks for your help and opinions

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    In my opinion nothing is an over kill for riding around here terrain varies alot. It mainly depends on what you like to ride. Also in the same all mountain class is the Intense 5.5, Santa cruz blur, yeti 575 (I think thats what its called). Theres also the santa cruz nomad intese 6.6 and the foes inferno (reviews are'nt as good for this one as the other 2) which also all moutain bike but have more travel, they would probably be better for dh. good forks for all moutain would be rock shock ride 133-170mm or marzochii 66 170mm light eta not sure if it has tas if it does it would be 150-170mm the eta drops travel alot on my am1 it goes to 50mm on stictions.However, once eta is engaged you only have 30mm of actual travel. Of thse I'd choose the marzzochi 66 these would probably be good forks for the nomad or the intense 6.6 or foes inferno. Good luck If you like technical riding you should check out vietnam in milford its got tons of rock garens and hills. Its easy to get lost thought make sure you remmeber your way back your youll end up going around in circles since the trails intersect one another.

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