• 11-01-2006
    Boulder Biker
    HELP! Can I ride at these grad school locations???
    So, mountain biking is definately one of my all time favorite activities! Along with snowboarding and playing guitar... I've lived in colorado (evergreen, and now boulder for college) since 5th grade and have been mountain biking ever since. I am applying to graduate school for Masters of Architecture in a couple months to begin school next fall. My biggest dillema is that my active lifestyle will suffer (to the best of my knowledge) due to the locations of the top programs I am applying to and ultimately planning on going to (at this point in time):

    in order of preference:

    Yale (New Haven, CT)
    Harvard (Cambridge, MA)
    Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)
    U of Washington (Seattle, WA)
    ASU (Tempe, AZ)
    UT Austin (Austin, TX)
    possibly Cornell (Ithica, NY)

    I have some serious decisions to make in these next 2 months that will dictate my architecture career...

    Obviosly I can ride at Berkeley and Washington, but I really have no idea about New Haven, Cambridge, Tempe, Austin, and Ithica. Please let me know what it is like at these places my fellow riders.... I am pretty hardcore into trail riding with lots of technical terrain, tight single track, high speeds, drops (up to 5 ft.), and high fun factors. I ride all over the colorado front range primarily, and moab is my mountain biking heaven. (I ride a Turner 5 spot)

    First priority is to go to the best grad program I can get into, but god I want to be able to ride during the extremely small amount of free time I will have in order to keep myself sane. I'll be posting this in several forums for the most possible info I can muster up...

    Please let me know what is out there....

  • 11-02-2006
    Cambridge is a city, so there's prob urban riding. To hit the trails, and there is some fun stuff in MA, you'll need to use the T or have a car at your disposal. Middlesex Fells, Lynn Woods, Harold Parker, and even Fort Rock aren't that far to drive. Maybe 20-60 mins each way...I listed those areas in increasing distance from the city. Check out some of the trails south and west of the city as well. Blue Hills is quite close. If you want to drive further check out the NH trails or the UMass/Amherst post in this forum. Take a look around the trails reviews section of this website.

    Hope this helps. Good luck in your search.
  • 11-02-2006
    Boston is a great area for Mountain Biking but you'd really need a car to get to the most out of it. Sure, you can to places via the T but it ain't easy.
  • 11-02-2006
    Holy crap dude, how many different forums did you post this same freakin' question on - 6? Now it's just annoying.
  • 11-02-2006
    Berkley ,Tempe or Austin because with limited time to ride at least those places have year round riding. Good luck
  • 11-03-2006
    geez, your lifestyle is going to suffer? this is a real tearjerker, i need to get some tissues. another crunchy yuppie wannabe deprived of all the important stuff in life.
  • 11-14-2006
    Pretty much anyplace you put down, you'll need a car to get to any riding.

    Berkley - the guys I knew that went to Berkley typically road on in the Pennisula. Berkley is in the East Bay - a bit of a haul. Nearest good riding would have to be Rockville and thats atleast 30 minutes by car & no public transport. Ofcourse the nearest skiing is in the Sierra's, which are a good 3 hr drive. On the plus side they do have a XC/DH team.

    Austin - UT is in the center of Austin. The nearest riding would be the Greenbelt. Nothing technical but a good spin. Nearest technical riding would be City Park which would take about 20 minutes by car. On the plus side, Austin is a great party town. I had fun living there. More of an XC place no major descents. Some of the best stuff has been closed by the eco-terroists.

    Tempe - haven't spent that much time in the Pheonix area. Fun riding though but skiing would be atleast 2 hours away.

    Harvard - just moved to Beantown. I live outside of Boston because I wanted to be closer to riding. There are plenty of places to ride but you need a car. Skiing in NH but nothing like CO. If you move east get ready for frozen granular, sharpen those edges.

    Can't say much about the other places as I haven't live in any of them.