• 05-01-2014
    Haverhill area thus weekend
    I'll be in Haverhill this weekend, are their any dry trails in the area? Group rides on sat. or Sunday a.m? Thanks
  • 05-02-2014
    Try the Winnekenni trails around Kennoza lake. We just did some nice bench trail work there.
  • 05-06-2014
    I rode Winnekenni today and tried looking for the new trail from the castle but I don't think I found it. Was it a fresh cut trail or a rework of an existing trail. Is it near the Allen city climb?
  • 05-07-2014
    The new trail that NEMBA built, if coming from the tennis courts up road towards castle, the dirt parking lot on the right before going up the hill it starts on the right, right at the corner of the parking lot and kinda goes along the steep hill
  • 05-07-2014
    Thank you, I wasn't far from it all. I'll be sure to check it out next time I'm over there. Its a good place for a quick ride thats close by for me