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    New question here. Good repair shops near Concord/Lexington area?

    I need to get some work done on by drivetrain and I'm looking for a quality shop that does good work. I'm in the Concord/Lexington area and I'm right next to 95 so its easy for me to head north and south. I had some work done recently at an REI shop, and I wasn't terribly pleased with the work.

    Thanks for the help.

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    ATA Cycle in Concord is pretty good. I bought my road and mountain bike there.

    I've never been to Wheelworks in Belmont, but I've heard good things. I would definitely stay away from REI, since they aren't a bike shop.

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    I might try Pedal Power in Acton or if you're willing to drive go to Cycle Loft in Burlington.

    I've had a bunch of road bike and MTB work done at ATA over the last few years and they don't seem to be anywhere near as good at MTB work as they are at road bikes.

    They did a parts swap between two frames (new frame & fork purchased from them) for me in 2004 and the attention to detail was pretty poor. The cable/housing lengths were all wrong so the bike had horrible ghost shifting problems which I had to figure out on my own, they didn't torque the pivots correctly, they didn't torque the cranks correctly, and they cross threaded one of the rear brakes. I'm not sure they even have a torque wrench, every bike I've bought from them or had serviced by them has had the cranks come loose because they didn't torque it properly. (I've watched them, they'll tighten a BB/Crank with a 9" allen key thinking they are going to achieve 60-75lb-ft of torque that way - yah right) I also recently found red loc-tite on my frame, it is a Giant and has a huge warning in the users manual that any use of red loc-tite anywhere on the frame voids the warranty. I know I didn't put that red Loc-Tite on the bike and I highly doubt the Giant factory did.

    I have had some good work done at Pedal power (2A in Acton) but not in a while so I can't say for sure. I just had CycleLoft (Burlington) swap in a new drivetrain on the MTB frame I bought at ATA and their work was so much better it wasn't even funny. All the cable, etc.. was perfect, everything works flawlessly.

    Wheelworks is probably a safe bet, but they can be annoyingly busy.

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