I am a recent transplant to Wrentham, MA from Weare, NH. I've been n the area since last July, and I have logged 0 Miles. Yup, you read that correctly, 0. This past Weekend, my Son and I spent about 3 hours in the Crocker Pond reservation area, and we had a blast doing it. So, I have had both my MTB and my Road Bikes on the stand Yesterday and today, and everything is ready to go. Today, my Daughter and I found the Gilber State Park Offices. I plan on riding in there very soon, and was wondering if anyone fronm here is planning on being in their soon, give me a Shout. I'd like to follow you into their as I have never stepped foot into the area. But hey, if I have to, I can go it alone. I don't plan on heading out into the area until the Weekend after this one. I wanted to get this thread up with Plenty of time for replies. Only reason I will not be riding this weekend is because I will be in Vegas.