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    Goat Hill - connect Sutton or Douglas?

    First, rode the new stuff on Goat Hill yesterday. Really nice, great job (BUMS?). Still pretty soft in a few areas, but once that gets packed in, those trails are going to be perfect. Thank you.

    Does anyone one know if there is a way to make for an epic by connecting Goat Hill to Sutton or Douglas? Rumor has it that there is. Links to GPS maps (Strava, MapmyRide, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

    I havenʻt ridden Badlands in a couple of years, is that area being maintained? I assume that would be where the a connector to Sutton would happen.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Badlands is still maintained, but recent logging operations destroyed about 1/25 or more of the trail. It is being "rediscovered", and is worth riding. Ribbon Candy is still maintained and is also being "rediscovered" after a large development destroyed about half of it. It is once again a continuos loop, which is a good thing. You can easily connect goat, badlands and ribbon ( about 15 miles or so) over to Wolf Hill, Look Out Rock, and West hill Dam Park ( another 10 or so miles). Then you can connect to some other trails ( I'll send you a Strava via PM). To piece together a 30+ mile ride. I don't think connecting to Douglas or Sutton is possible without a bunch of road, although I have seen people post rides from the Mendon Zoo Trails, over to Goat Hill etc. using about 4 miles of road to connect everything, which could put you in the 40 mile area if you were to do everything...

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    I've done a 70 mile loop that hit "highlights" of Goat, West, Puddon, Rayburn, Singletary and SSF just to say I rode them all in one shot. There is no way around getting on the road for the last three and nothing secret connecting Goat to SSF other than Linwood Ave, Main St, and Mendon Rd. As MDC says you can do about 30 miles with very little road if you stick to Goat, Wolf, West & Puddon Hills. Could possibly get to 40-45 if you throw in some junk miles in some of the Grafton Land Trust space, but those trails are not great.

    You can link Douglas to SSF but still would need to be on the road for two miles or so and there would be a lot of crappy trails involved in that adventure as well.

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