Gloucester trails

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  • 10-08-2013
    Gloucester trails
    Very little info on the trails and no maps. Confusing. Any help appreciated:

    So far I figured out :

    School street loop with school street parking - exit 15 of 128

    School Street, MA by tacotoad at Garmin Connect - Player

    Or the trail called G-spot from Lauren lane parking exit 15 further up

    Trail: G-Spot

    Looks to me like it is the same ride with different parking: which is better street to park?

    Also there is a description of red Rock area of exit 14 which brings you back to Haskel Pond and Gspot

    Redrocks near Gloucester, MA - a rock climbing, snowshoeing, hiking and mountain biking trail

    Which is the better way to go for Lynn woods type of ride adn less fireroad peddaling?
    Anybody has better maps? Thank you
  • 10-08-2013
    Hey man. From looking at your school street map it just looks like you are entering the trails (on the east side of southern ave) to early. Check out my latest map and description for those trails. If you keep pedaling up the fireroad accessed off of Laurel Lane until you get to the top of the hill you will have a little more Lynn Woods style riding. You also missed the trails on the other side of the fireroad that has a great DH run. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Trail and description: Startbiking : School Street
    Map and GPX file: Startbiking : School Street