I've post here on occasion and figured it was good starting point before going to other local sources (bustedspoke.com, local shops, etc...)

Looking to put together a mountain biking vacation to New Zealand sometime this coming May (May '07) -and are looking for other local riders to join me. Needless to say this is an event that will require a good amount of pre-planning and coordination (which I am offering to do or contribute to with others). This does not mean that I am a travel agent by any means -yet I have traveled both in the U.S. and abroad.

Right now, the dates I have in mind are: Departing Boston Logan airport on the 13th-May and begin the Return trip leaving Auckland on 22-May (arriving back in Boston on the 23rd).

This gives about eight days for riding and other activities. BTW: May is New Zealand's fall season with cooler temperatures and less tourists.

Looking to do this as a nomadic type trip. By that I mean, driving along a planned route of biking areas and other sites,staying in these areas and then moving on.

In terms of riding types, anything from flowing singletrack to steep heli-bike accessed
mountains. (I will be using a 7 inch front and rear bike)

I've looked into some New Zealand trail guides and sites that are used by Kiwi riders to flesh out the itinerary -which is open to a democratic process of determining

Your physical condition. This is subjective, but I would say be able to do 4-7 hours for the said amount of days.

Fixed costs:

•Air fair: Roughly $1500
•Air freight for bikes: From what I've seen $100 or less (as it is charged by the airline and is considered a piece of luggage).

Variable costs:

•Local transportation: Be it a van, RV, etc... TBD

•Lodging: Maybe RV or small local places (i.e., cheap)

•Local guides / Heli-Biking http://www.vertigobikes.co.nz/trips/


•You will need a valid U.S. passport.

•Travel visas are issued at the airport.

If this peaks the interest of at least two other riders I would say its worth doing. I would also want to have solid confirmation (the purchasing of plane tickets) by the first of the year before making any other arrangements.

- Ray