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    G-Spot/School Street: Clockwise or CCW?

    I've ridden into G-Spot/School Street from the east TWICE now and I can't seem to find the darn trail!

    See my routes here and here.

    These rides were longer rides starting from West Gloucester train station with the intent of riding all the way to Salem. First time, I rode straight through the middle on the fire road and never saw the singletrack . Second time, I got lost and ended up way north of the loop on posted land .

    So now, I'm just going to drive up there and hunt for the dang thing!

    Which way is preferred? I've seen video that suggests a preferred direction based on "helper rocks" and whatnot. Clockwise? Counter-clockwise?

    One step further: Would anyone be willing to "guide" me and a buddy on a ride up there? Must be patient and tolerant. I promise to reward your patience with frosty bevvies!

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    This place:

    This loop is what I'm talking about:

    G-Spot/School Street: Clockwise or CCW?-school.jpg

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    In the video you attached, they're riding it clockwise. I've ridden it both ways and it's good either way. There's a couple of different ways to access the trail depending on where you want to start from.

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    Found it... I found the G-spot!

    So I finally found it today...

    I rode 1/2 of it hitting the northern section. Well I didn't so much ride it... I probably walked ~50% of the nasty features. I was riding it for the first time and I was alone. That is one nasty trail! It's certainly comparable to Lynn Woods but with way better flow.

    I can't tell if I loved it or hated it but I can't wait to go back and see if I can ride more of it! And I'm anxious to see what the southwestern segment holds in store.

    When I popped out on the central double-track, I immediately understood why I couldn't find it previously. That junction is about the most finessed, subtle, and hidden crossing I've ever seen. Leaves, rocks, roots... it looked like any other part of the side-trail scrim.

    That section where he says, "I love the last 10 feet," in the video, I struggled to even walk through! I'm excited to attempt it again with a little foresight now.

    I took a couple pictures. See below. Pics don't seem to accurately capture the steepness of these drops.

    Strava link here.

    G-Spot/School Street: Clockwise or CCW?-img_20150102_133205.jpg

    G-Spot/School Street: Clockwise or CCW?-0102151353.jpg

    G-Spot/School Street: Clockwise or CCW?-0102151337.jpg

    G-Spot/School Street: Clockwise or CCW?-0102151332.jpg

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    Cool bike. Glad you found the trail.
    Contrary to what some people think, Lynn Woods does have good flow. G-spot is just easier in some ways.

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