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    Fun Lynn Ride...In the Snow!

    Last real Lynn ride for awhile. As most of you know, Lynn Woods closes Jan. 1st. Of course, you can always ride the Lynnfield part or go against the rules, but I want to be a good little boy.

    So, the ride today (Sat.) started at 11 (ended at 2) and started really snowing about an hour (?) later. We (Dieselbikes group ((6 of us) came across another group of riders (8-9). It was really fun to ride in a light snow and see it collect on the trees. At first, it seemed as though I was getting more traction on rocks in the light dusting as oppose to when dry, but as it got heavier, people were slipping all over the place. There was a unicycle rider in our group who impressed us all when he kept riding in the deepening snow. I did some 3 new things that I had never done before in Lynn which was cool. We saw two deer towards the end of the ride. At the ballfield, there is that big hill on the right side. We came down that to end the ride and it was a little scary because of how technical it is + the snow. But, it was cool to hear 12 squeky brakes all the way down...almost like an orchestra. It was the one of funnest rides I'd had in a while. In just sucks that we won't be able to legally ride the place until April.

    Ohwell. This thread is kinda pointless, but the MA forum is a bit slow nowadays. Have fun and ride!
    Happy New Year!
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    Thanks for the post, sounds like a fun ride. I especially love the 12 squeeky brakes
    I rode Wendell yesterday before it started to snow, we left just as it started(by chance). Waay too many hunters yesterday, so I was ringing the bell every chance I got.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RideFaster
    As most of you know, Lynn Woods closes Jan. 1st.

    In just sucks that we won't be able to legally ride the place until April.

    Bummer!... News to me. I'm on the south shore but have ridden Lynn Woods on many occasions with a few of my north shore buddies. I've been hounding the guys that I ride with down south to take a trip up north to the Woods for a day of great riding. They have recently have become we'll just have to wait till the spring.

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