Spring is here! YAY!

If you have been cooped up indoors all winter and are ready for some fresh air, exercise, challenge, nature, and meeting some new people or reuniting with old friends, come join us at...


April 19th presented by MA Department of Conservation and Recreation and NEMBA

Meeting at the DCR's Flynn Rink on Woodland Road in Medford, MA.

Did you know there are 25+ miles of trails that are open to mountain bikes in the Fells? Did you know that there is great riding in the Fells besides the NEMBA Loop? Let us show you how to get the most out of your experience at the Fells. Maps and Guided rides will be available all day long...

WHAT: DCR/NEMBA Fells Opening Day Rides

WHEN: All Day! (9am-3:30pm) Saturday, April 19th, 2007 (Rain Date April 20th)

WHERE: Flynn Rink (see directions below)

LEVEL: all levels / several groups

PACE: all - mellow / intermediate / hammer

TERRAIN: mellow to moderate (with some advanced - perfect for the early season)

DURATION: many rides going out for 1-3+ hours

FREE FOOD AT NOON! Join us around noon for a bite to eat!

WHO: you!!!

411: These rides are open to anyone who is interested in a fun day of riding, as well as NEMBA members and prospective members. It's a great way to get out and meet fellow riders, learn about a great riding area and a great organization, and get a good early spring workout. These rides are open to all levels or riders. There will be advanced, Intermediate, and mellower groups going out at various times during the day - stay tuned we'll put more detail in the event schedule as soon as possible.

Advanced and intermediate riders should know their own abilities. Experienced novice riders are welcome on the mellower ride. If you are inexperienced in mountain biking and want to check it out - let us know when you get there. All riders must be fit enough to handle strenuous activity for about 1.5-2 hours.

Riders should bring a serviceable mountain bike, be over 18 or accompanied by a parent or guardian, have water and must wear a helmet. Remember that mountain biking may be an exhilarating sport, but it is also dangerous. Know your limits and don't take unnecessary chances. All riders will be asked to sign an insurance waiver.

Everyone is welcome at this event!

THIS JUST IN - We Will Have Sponsors and Demos:
Cycleloft (www.cycleloft.com)
Ted Wojcik (www.tedwojcikbicycles.com)
JRA Cycles (www.jracycles.com)
EMS (www.ems.com)
Belmont Wheelworks (www.wheelworks.com)


9:00 AM Event Opens

9:00 AM Guided Rides

10:00 AM Guided Rides

11:00 AM Guided Rides

12:00 PM Guided Rides

2:00 PM Guided Rides

3:00 PM Guided Rides

3:30 PM Event Close


If you need to see a map - this will get you close...

Here are pics from last year's event:


Riding in the Fells in the past has been somewhat of an issue to all users and park managers, but things have been steadily improving. It is a privilege we do not want to abuse, so please be sensitive to the issues, such as soil/trail preservation, park hours, and the tranquility and safety of fellow users and park regulations.

Best practices include:

Ride through the center of a mud patch or puddle, NOT around it.

Ride over an obstacle, NOT around it.

If you can't ride over an obstacle, get off and walk it - stay on the trail.

Do not make new routes or trails.

Do not build stunts.

Do not skid, spin out, or fishtail - uphill nor downhill.

Slow down when you see other riders, hikers, or animals.

Always offer to yield the right of way.

Be friendly

The MA DCR (folks who manage the park) will be on hand to answer questions and get to know us as a riding community. There will be information on how to get involved in preserving this incredible resource and FREE maps available to self-guide around the park. Also, the DCR have asked us to familiarize as many riders as possible with the rules and to particularly keep in mind the following from the DCR Website:

**Mountain Biking at the Middlesex Fells
Mountain biking in the Middlesex Fells allows the off-road cyclist the use of all Fire Roads. In addition to fire roads, there is a designated loop trail, which offers riders an easy to follow path around the Western Fells. This trail is marked by "Mountain Bike Loop" signs and green blazes on trees. This loop trail is about 85% on fire roads and 15% on a single-track trail. All other single track trails are off-limits to bikers. Trail restrictions are based on the sensitivity of soil, slopes, wildlife habitat, and public safely concerns. Please stay off trails marked with "No Bicycle" signs.
...and more information is available on the DCR site at:

Thanks for keeping it cool!