I can't make up my mind where I want to ride tonight. I'm thinking either Sutton, Singletary, or Ribbon Candy. I'm leaning a little more toward Singletary but I may get a little lost though. I plan on bringing my gps to get the know the trails better. I've been there twice so I think I can get around pretty good. If you know Singletary and would like to lead even better.

If you would like to join me let me know your preference. Highest number of votes wins. No matter where I end up I will be starting at 6pm sharp and will be out of the woods by 7:30. Pace will be determined by the group. Call if you will be late.

Be prepared to be part of my video/slideshow.

When: Today - Friday June 15
Time: 6pm - 7:30pm
Where: Sutton (pm me for directions), Singletary, or Ribbon Candy
Pace: Mellow. All will be waited for.
Who: All abilities.

617 650-1954
Blue Honda CRV / Brown Cannondale Prophet